Get Stronger Live Better in 20 Minutes Once-A-Week

Sarcopenia is a disease that shrinks muscles and greatly decreases strength as we age. We become frail and vulnerable to a host of health problems and a real treat of losing our independence. Most people, and even medical doctors, believe that age related muscle and strength loss is normal and a fact of life. But recent studies have demonstrated that sarcopenia is preventable and reversible with the proper treatment: strength training.

SIMPLY STRONG PERSONAL TRAINING offers a revolutionary, evidence-based, strength training program that prevents and reverses sarcopenia and delivers complete health and fitness benefits in one 20-minute session a week. Hard to believe published research confirms it’s true.

To understand how 20 minutes of our  strength training program can deliver all the benefits that exercise has to offer, consider following: human physiology is either in an anabolic state (growing, improving) or in an catabolic state (breaking down, decaying). From the moment we are born, our physiology is naturally in a constant anabolic state until around the age of 30, when our physiology slowly shifts to a catabolic state that left unchecked will continue until we die.

We generally consider this catabolic state and the resulting decay of our body as the natural and inevitable effect of aging. However, modern science has discovered a simply solution to switch our physiology back to an anabolic state. It involves brief, intense strength training – like that offered at SIMPLY STRONG.

Most exercise lacks intense effort which does not change us into an anabolic state, and this is what makes our 20-minute strength training program so powerful and beneficial – it simply, safely and quickly stimulates every cell in the body to switch to an anabolic state where every health and fitness benefit possible is realized. Our 20-minute strength training program actually reverses the downward spiral of aging!

How? Researchers have recently discovered that muscles create and release anabolic growth hormones called myokines. This discovers has changed how we look at exercise and revolutionized how we should perform it. Through a process of brief and intense muscle contractions that temporarily exhausts muscle, we release a tidal wave of these anabolic growth hormones that signal the body to change to an anabolic, growing state.

This is how 20 minutes of focus strength training will positive impact health and the quality of your life:

  • Quickly improves muscle metabolism, energy and strength
  • Improves posture, stability, flexibility and balance
  • Improves the cardiovascular system without long, boring steady-state activity
  • Improves glucose storage and metabolism – prevents and reverses Type II diabetes
  • Builds bone density – prevents and reverses osteoporosis
  • Accelerates body fate metabolism – lose body fat
  • Reduces blood pressure, improves mood and cognitive function, relieves depression
  • Lowers cholesterol, triglycerides and improves HDL
  • Alleviates chronic back pain and protects joints throughout the body
  • Prevents and reverses total body inflammation, the fundamental cause of chronic disease

20 minutes of strength training at SIMPLY STRONG consists of 6 different exercises each focusing on one of the body’s large muscle groups. Exercises are performed to a point of muscle exhaustion in a slow motion fashion under close supervision of an expert trainer to ensure safety while also maximizing your results.