Our Ten Pre-Workout Rules and Considerations


1. Turn off cell phones and other electronic devices

Be mentally prepared for a hard, brief workout that stimulates your body into an anabolic state.

2. Nothing loose in your mouth

No chewing gum or mints or candy.

3. Breathe freely during the workout

Avoid holding your breath and straining to move the resistance.

4. Be cautious of an exercise induced headache

Stop exercising at the first sign of head pain.

5. Always maintain a neutral head and neck position

Don’t look around the room or move your head while performing the exercise.

6. For the first couple of workouts learn the protocol

Don’t be concerned about a “good” workout initially.

7. Delayed onset muscle soreness for the first couple of workouts

It may or may not occur.

8. Always move in very slow, controlled speed of motion, feel the tension on the muscle

Makes the workout more effective and safe.

9. Focus intently on the objective of the 20-minute workout – maximum muscle effort

Your immediate goal of the workout is to completely fatigue all of the muscle fibers (slow and fast twitch) of the target muscles so that positive movement stops in two minutes or less. At this point the muscle is releasing a tidal wave of anabolic growth hormones and biochemical factors that will signal every cell in the body to become anabolic. To achieve your goals, you must be in an anabolic state.

10. If you desire to lose excess body fat, you must include sensible and reduced calorie eating in your lifestyle

Exercise alone is not an effective means to lose body fat.