SIMPLY STRONG Guarantees Your Results

Our guaranteed promise to you is simple: follow through with your program as it is designed, and we guarantee you’ll be measurably stronger after your first 12 weeks of training with us, or we will refund your entire investment in our 20-minutes workout program.

Our commitments and promises we make to you are:

    1. Be on time for your workout appointments: If we are more than 10 minutes late for your scheduled appointment time, that workout session is free.
    2. Provide safe, effective and efficient workouts: Show you the safest and most efficient, evidence-based method to stimulate your body to produce positive changes.
    3. Design your personalized program: Develop a personalized workout for you to improve your physical fitness and health issues.
    4. Personal, one-on-one supervision for every workout: You are never on your own during the workout. We are with you from beginning to the end of each workout session.
    5. Provide an “ideal exercise environment”: We provide the finest equipment, climate controlled, distraction free, clean, quiet, and private, professional facility.
    6. Listen to your questions:  We welcome and will address all of your questions and concerns if and when they should arise.

In order for us to guarantee your results, we need the following commitments from you:

  • Workout with our trainers at least once every week:  You need to be consistent and workout regularly to get results. Do not skip a full week without training. Sessions canceled with more than 12 hours of notice can be made up later that week or the following week (however, when making up workouts, for best results do avoid training more than 3 times in a single week or on consecutive days).
  • Give your best effort during each workout session: The effectiveness of your training routine will have on your body is directly related to how deeply and intensely you challenge your muscles during each session.
  • Understand food and fat loss: If losing body fat is one of your fitness goals, realize that eating habits play the most important role affecting fat loss (food is much more influential than exercise). Because of this fact, we do not guarantee fat loss will happen from your exercise alone. Our clients who follow our training program without making any nutritional changes often do lose some body fat, but not always. We can guarantee that you will become stronger. If you’d like additional help with nutrition, please ask us.

After your first 12 weeks of training the SIMPLY STRONG way, if we determine that you successfully fulfilled all three of the above commitments and you are not measurably stronger from when you first stepped through our doors, we will refund your entire investment. Guaranteed!