Live Longer

To recent studies in the British Medical Journal revealed that muscular strength is a remarkably strong predictor of mortality – even after adjusting for cardio respiratory fitness and other health factors.


Several studies confirm Slow-Motion strength training is safe, effective, and super time efficient. One or two 20-minute training sessions once or twice a week stimulates our body’s growth mechanism and promotes a reversal of the degeneration associated with aging.

Enhanced Quality of Life

Play golf, travel, do things with your grand kids. Enjoy life and the things that make you happy. Being strong allows you to pursue life with more energy and vitality at any age.

Personal Training

Professional one-on-one services ensures best possible results. Friendly, non-intimidating environment. Feel confident, productive, and focused during each workout.

Prevent & Treat Chronic Disease

Osteoporosis, Type 2 Diabetes, Dementia, Arthritis, Parkinson’s, Cancer, and chronic back and neck pain are all associated with the loss of muscle.

Guaranteed Results

We promise that you’ll be measurably stronger after your first 12 sessions or your money is refunded.