Have A Question?

We’ve answered the most frequently asked questions.

Have A Question?

We’ve answered the most frequently asked questions.

How much does one session cost?

The cost is $56.00 per session.

Is the workout really only 20 minutes long?
Yes. 20 minutes is all you need to stimulate the body to change. The workout is brief and intense. Scientific studies have shown that effective exercise is not determined by how long you exercise but by how hard you exercise.

All of the benefits that exercise can provide are realized in less time if the intensity of effort is high.

Your trainer will guide every workout session to help you get the best results in the least amount of time. Slow-motion strength training is safe, effective, and efficient.

How long will it take to see results?
Individual results vary from person to person. Even after one workout, your body will start changing for the better. Many clients have reported feeling the full effects of high-intensity, slow-motion strength training in as little as 2-3 weeks.

With consistent training, you will begin feeling much stronger, with less fatigue, aches, and pain. After 8-12 weeks, most people report physical, aesthetic changes in their body.

Keep in mind that depending on the goals you want to achieve; it may take more time to lose weight because this requires dietary changes. However, our expert personal trainers will help guide you with diet and lifestyle recommendations to help you reach your end result.

What can I expect with each session?

Our expert personal trainers will guide you through 5-7 high-intensity exercises that will provide you with a full-body workout.

Since we design your workout based on your individual needs and goals, you can expect to perform with a high level of focus and effort. At SIMPLY STRONG, we make sure your workout is always safe, efficient, and effective.

Is SIMPLY STRONG safe for older adults?

Yes. In fact, slow-motion strength training is often doctor recommended for older adults who need to add an exercise regime to their lifestyle. This is because slow-motion strength training won’t exacerbate any pre-existing medical conditions.

Additionally, as we age, we lose muscle which can lead to poor health, a compromised immune system and unexpected injuries due to falls and loss of bone density.

The key to preventing this from happening is to keep your body healthy and strong by engaging in a safe, yet intense exercise program like high-intensity, slow-motion strength training.

Will slow-motion strength training improve my bone density?
Yes. Slow-motion strength training was originally developed by Ken Hutchins based on numerous studies of people suffering from osteoporosis and other medical conditions.

As you build muscle, you will directly increase bone density by releasing growth hormones as well as putting stress on your bones, making them stronger, healthier, and less prone to breaks or fractures.

As you gain muscle mass, this will also serve to improve your balance as well as protect your bones, guarding them against unexpected injury and cushioning the blow in case you fall.

Will I lose weight at SIMPLY STRONG?
We all want to lose body fat and weight in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, high-intensity, slow-motion training isn’t enough to accomplish that goal without an adequate diet low in empty calories, carbohydrates, and sugars.

At SIMPLY STRONG, our expert personal trainers will help guide you with diet and lifestyle recommendations while designing a workout based on your individual needs. As you build muscle, your body will burn fat, helping you to achieve your weight loss goals. Simply by gaining 5-10lbs. of muscle, you will burn up to 250 extra calories each day!

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Give us 12 weeks straight, workout at least one time per week, and if you aren’t measurably stronger at the end of 12 weeks, we’ll refund your first 12 sessions.