Janet -Strength Training Story

by | Oct 7, 2021 | Healthy Aging Tips, Living Stronger, Senior Strength Training Workout

I’ve never attended the annual Butte to Butte race in Eugene and had no idea of the route. I’ve been going to SIMPLY STRONG once a week for the past 2 years and was feeling really strong. So, I decided to enter the 4-mile Mayor’s Fitness Walk Event in the Butte to Butte this year.

It felt great sailing steadily along with efficient heart and lungs and muscles gained from my weekly sessions at SIMPLY STRONG.

Out of 120 walkers — men and women younger than me — I ended up in 20th place. I was 10th out of the 104 women in the group, the oldest being 68. Next month I will be 80 years old. Thank you SIMPLY STRONG!

I was able to fully enjoy the experience of walking alongside others in my town’s Butte to Butte – because I was STRONG.

Janet — age 79


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