Judy Staying Strong, Beats Cancer

by | Nov 10, 2022 | Success Story

Judy is truly remarkable. She has been a client at SIMPLY STRONG for seven years. When she first came in for her Introductory Session in 2015, she was 78 years old and her goals were to increase her strength and improve her energy. Within the first four months Judy noticed great progress, and strength makes her life better.

She said, “My once-a-week, 20-minute workouts have made me a lot stronger. I am able to do things I never thought I could do again and with more confidence! Thank you SIMPLY STRONG!”

Throughout the last seven years, Judy has faced certain challenges. In 2019, two of the biggest challenges for her were cancer treatments and surgery.

Cancer treatments are grueling. The most common cancer treatments—surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation—produce a list of side effects that occur during and after the actual treatment period.

Research results tell us that a focused muscle strengthening program is highly recommended because it improves the quality of life in cancer survivors. According to the Mayo Clinic article, their research shows muscle strengthening “has the capacity to induce clinically significant improvement in muscle function (strength) in patients with cancer.”

Despite battling cancer, Judy prioritized her sessions at SIMPLY STRONG. She continued to come once-a-week throughout her treatments.

Judy with Stephen & Katie in 2019

She was very thankful for the strength she had built up to that point because it played such a positive role during that difficult time. In addition, her muscle strength was a highly important part in helping her recover after surgery.

Even having gone through the challenging health issues during 2019, Judy today is still as radiant as ever. She is now 85 years old and she continues coming once-a-week to SIMPLY STRONG. Her leg strength has improved by 57%. And her arm strength has increased by 29%. Judy also understands that consuming protein after her SIMPLY STRONG sessions produces better results.

Judy in 2022
Judy in 2022

Stay on the strong path Judy! Muscle strengthening provides a way for individuals to work towards improving their health and increases the chances of living longer.

We encourage you always Judy to continue on your journey to GET STRONGER, LIVE BETTER! It’s simple, safe, and only 20 minutes once-a-week.

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