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by | Oct 7, 2021 | Muscle Strengthening Workout, Healthy Aging Tips, Living Stronger

My Hawaii Vacation Was So Much More Enjoyable This Year With My Newfound Strength 

In the past, I’ve suffered from balance issues and the loss of my strength. Six months ago in March 2021, I became a member at SIMPLY STRONG and have been going once a week for my muscle-strengthening sessions. Since then, I have seen noticeable health improvements and life-changing results. So amazing, that it makes me emotional just talking about it.
I have fallen a lot in the past, and gotten hurt from it. A couple of months ago, I accidentally tripped while on my driveway. However, thanks to my newfound strength, I was able to catch myself before falling to the ground. Avoiding that fall and other possible injuries was a big deal to me!
A few weeks ago, I took a trip to Hawaii. It’s an annual trip that I take with co-workers, and this most recent one was my best time yet! Now that I am stronger, I carried my suitcases around more easily. I was able to hike to see the waterfalls. I could walk into the ocean without getting knocked over by the waves. Walking up and downstairs was better than ever before.

​Karen – Age 50

In the last six months at SIMPLY STRONG, I’ve increased my leg press strength by 64% and my upper body strength by 87%.
My Hawaii vacation was so much more enjoyable this year and I experienced more adventures than I ever have! Thank you SIMPLY STRONG.

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