Meet Mary, she wanted to strengthen her legs and alleviate low back pain.

by | Feb 8, 2022 | Senior Strength Training Workout, Living Stronger

Meet Mary. She is 85 years old. Her journey at SIMPLY STRONG began in 2015. She wanted to strengthen her legs and alleviate low back pain.
Throughout these last 7 years, Mary has been coming to SIMPLY STRONG once a week for her strength training sessions.
Life has thrown numerous challenges at Mary, from cancer to pneumonia, to eye issues. Nonetheless, Mary understands that strength makes life better, and she wants to do her best to stay strong. Each week the personal trainers can modify or adjust her workout session based on how she feels that day.
Mary continues coming once-a-week to SIMPLY STRONG. Her leg strength has improved by 44%. Her hip strength has improved by 100%, and her upper body strength has increased by 32%.
Congratulations Mary! We applaud you. We encourage you to continue on your journey to GET STRONGER, LIVE BETTER! It’s simple, safe, and only 20 minutes once a week.
To get started for your FREE Introductory Session please call us at 541-844-1608. Discover the power of strength training at any age, any condition.


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