Meet Ann, 81 Years Old – Strength Training with Simply Strong

by | Mar 20, 2022 | Senior Strength Training Workout

Ann is 81 years old and a faithful client at SIMPLY STRONG for the past 3 months. She started coming to SIMPLY STRONG twice a week in December of 2021. We received a phone call from her last week (March 2022) to change an upcoming appointment that she had scheduled. She proceeded to tell us that she was so grateful for her improved strength and that it is helping her tremendously with the little things in her life.
Here’s a personal story from Ann: The other day, a bracelet had accidentally fallen behind a dresser in her bedroom. She had to lay on the bedroom floor and stretch out to reach it. After grabbing the bracelet, Ann was so thrilled to tell us that she was able to get up off the floor on her own! Without SIMPLY STRONG she would not have been able to accomplish that task. Seems simple, but without strength, even little tasks like that can be distressing.
At SIMPLY STRONG, our mission is to Strengthen Peoples’ Lives! To help us accomplish our goal we have expert and educated trainers using an evidence-based program and the absolute best equipment available that together ensure your results. Imagine what it will feel like when you’re stronger, healthier, and living life at full strength.
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