High Intensity Business Podcast Episode 442 – Building Simply Strong with Ed Collins

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Many thanks to Lawrence Neal for the opportunity to be interviewed on his High-Intensity Business podcast.

Here is a link to the blog post where Ed Collins, owner of SIMPLY STRONG is interviewed: 442 – Building Simply Strong with Ed Collins: Empowering Seniors through Fitness and below is the full text from the original post.

In this episode, Ed Collins takes center stage, lending his expertise and experience to shed light on the world of personal fitness and the principles that drive SIMPLY STRONG’s success. As the owner of a personal training studio and dedicated fitness enthusiast, Ed is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to high-intensity training and its transformative effects on clients of all backgrounds.

Throughout the podcast, Ed engages in a captivating discussion, unraveling the philosophy behind SIMPLY STRONG and its unique approach to personal training. With an unwavering commitment to empowering individuals through safe and tailored workouts, Ed’s passion for holistic fitness shines through, making it an episode you won’t want to miss.

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, a gym owner, or someone seeking inspiration to amplify your own wellness journey, this podcast offers a treasure trove of insights. Ed’s expertise is immeasurable, and his ability to convey complex concepts in a comprehensive manner is truly remarkable.

So, grab your headphones and get ready to dive into an engaging conversation with Ed Collins, where the nexus of science, strategy, and real-world results intersect. Simply click the link below to access this compelling episode of the High-Intensity Business podcast – and prepare to be inspired by Ed’s captivating story and SIMPLY STRONG’s powerful impact on the fitness industry.

442 – Building Simply Strong with Ed Collins: Empowering Seniors through Fitness

What’s it like to build a thriving strength studio that makes a meaningful difference in your older clients’ lives and a powerful impact on your family?

Simply Strong founder Ed Collins joins us to talk about his journey in designing a business geared toward helping the older population get stronger, live better and happier lives, and how you can tap into and serve this market in a way that enriches not only your fitness business but also the lives of the clients you serve.

In this episode, we talk about specific marketing strategies and tactics, designing appropriate workout experiences, the little things you can do that can have a big impact and set you apart from your competition, and so much more.

This episode is one of the more eye-opening ones we’ve done, especially when it comes to thinking about what may be one of our more underserved segments of the potential market.


Show Notes

  • 02:32 – Why did Ed Collins start Simply Strong? (Ed’s experiences in the health and fitness industry)
  • 17:45 – Ed partners up with a chiropractor
  • 21:10 – Ed meets Jeff Turner (pre-Imagine Strength) and gets motivated to start his own facility
  • 23:28 – The beginning of Simply Strong, Ed’s philosophy on Fitness, and running a fitness business as a family
  • 26:36 – How Ed figured out what he wanted to do with his life
  • 31:27 – Looking into strength training as his focus and to mitigate the diseases and conditions common to old age
  • 36:39 – The Simply Strong approach, business model, and target market
  • 39:00 – How Ed instills the right mindset in his client
  • 39:53 – Simply Strong’s experiences and approaches to marketing
  • 45:10 – Simply Strong’s approach to sessions, why they operate the way they do, and using powerful guarantees
  • 52:00 – How to effectively work with older strength training clients
  • 57:46 – How to get good Google Reviews
  • 01:01:12 – What does a workout for an older client look like? (The Simply Strong approach to strength training)
  • 01:03:33 – How to tailor workout experiences to older clients and help them have a good time
  • 01:04:33 – Ed’s experiences with business networking (and why senior discounts don’t make sense to him)
  • 01:10:09 – Ed’s perspectives on life, family, having 10 kids, and how all of these influence his fitness philosophy

Note: these are the timestamps for the audio edition. For the video edition’s timestamps, please see the YouTube description box for this episode.

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