Can You Name 5 Benefits of Strength Training for Women?

by | Mar 22, 2023 | Living Stronger

Building strength is vital for all men and women. Movement and strength are required for existence. If we can’t move, we perish. The stronger we are, the easier it is to move. Strength training will help people to move better, move more, and feel better. And that’s why we say Get Stronger, Live Better!

There has been a myth surrounding women and strength training saying that women might get “too bulky”. However, that statement isn’t necessarily accurate. The response from strength training for men and women is based on their individual and unique genetics. It has been shown that most women do not have as much testosterone as men, therefore, do not get “big and bulky”.

Men and women begin to lose around 3-8% of their muscle mass per decade after the age of 30. For women, the loss of muscle is accelerated even more so from menopause. Studies have shown that menopause can contribute to a 10% reduction in muscle mass. All of this muscle loss can lead to rapid degeneration, pain and injury. Therefore, women especially need strength training to stay strong and healthy.


1. MAKES YOUR MUSCLES STRONGER. Strength is Everything. With stronger muscles, it is easier to do things. It feels good to be strong!

2. IMPROVES BONE DENSITY. Increasing your bone density comes from increasing your muscle strength. Researchers have found that contracting skeletal muscles secrete growth hormones called MYOKINES. Myokines travel from the muscles through circulating blood to every organ, system, and tissue in the body. It is the myokines from the muscles that stimulate bone tissue to grow and become stronger.

3. STRENGTHENS THE PELVIC FLOOR. Maintaining a strong pelvic floor is important for all genders but is particularly important for women. 80% of those with urinary incontinence are women and 70% of those with urinary leakage do not seek advice and treatment for their problem. In addition, pregnancy can greatly increase the prevalence of major pelvic floor dysfunction. At SIMPLY STRONG, we have a Hip Adduction machine which is an incredibly effective piece of equipment that helps strengthen the lower pelvic area. With increased strength of the pelvic floor, it can have a huge effect on someone’s life.

4. INCREASES METABOLISM / BURNS BODY FAT. How? After strength training, the body is regenerating, growing, and burning calories. What’s important to note is that your metabolism is boosted for 72 hours after a strength training session, hence you will be burning more body fat even when you aren’t exercising.

5. BETTER BALANCE. By getting stronger, your balance improves. By especially strengthening your lower body, it will help the muscles react quicker and more powerfully to catch yourself if you lose your balance.

All exercise and movement require muscle activation. Adding resistance to movement requires the muscles to work harder. Muscles respond to hard work by becoming stronger and myokines are released to improve all organs and metabolic systems of the body.

Most people believe that just staying active will suffice to maintain their health and fitness.

However, recent studies in exercise science have clearly shown that physical activity alone is not sufficient enough to stop the body from losing muscle and strength.

The answer is simple. Building strength is vital for all men and women. SIMPLY STRONG combines the newest breakthrough exercise research with modern equipment technology to produce a strength training program so effective and time-efficient that a 20-minute workout once or twice a week is all that is necessary to strengthen your health and body.

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